Parisian designer Olivia Rougeaux studied Literature at the Sorbonne and after her studies went to work as a product manager in a multinational textile company. Ten years later she decided to pursue her true passion - jewelry design. Following a post-graduate course at Art school Madrid, Olivia recently launched her own brand OR.

Focusing on creating jewelry that smoothly embraces the body, seeking a balance between aesthetic purity and artistic craftsmanship Olivia’s collection evokes physicality and femininity, each piece of jewelry uniquely crafted to follow the body’s perfect geometry.

In this first collection, Olivia chose an introspective and intimate theme: a reflection on the concept of identity expressed through fingerprints, hand imprints, skin details, scars and claws. A fingerprint as the true signature of someone’s identity, a unique and storytelling legacy symbolizing the desire to mark a jewel with a personal touch that challenges the digital era.
All designed as unique pieces, the philosophy of the brand lies in creating jewelry to be worn both day and night.

Each individual piece in the collection explores the body, its texture and shape, searching for its limits, its boundaries in a powerful array of emotions. The skin's texture highlights the beauty and fragility of the human body yet at the same time exhilarates its hidden strength. The “metallic” skin covers and morphs into the body’s anatomy.

A dialogue between the inner and outer, blurring the boundaries between the obvious and the unseen.

In some cases, the jewelry piece is designed as a fragment of skin that overlays the body and its “real skin” making a statement that is both discreet and bold. Bracelets seem to float in the air locked onto the arm with a clasp fastening. The earrings envelop the ear just like a piercing would.

This jewelry does not only adorn the body; it turns into a shield that both protects and reveals its hidden parts, the underneath, the wounds…the blood that surfaces like a ruby.
Beyond the body OR also plays with the codes of fashion, mixing punk symbols and romanticism, poetry with physicality, the raw with the ultra feminine, the painful with the sublime.